Hum is the smallest town in the world, and is located in the center of Istria with barely 20 inhabitants. According to legend, Hum was built of stones left behind when giants built towns in the valley of the river Mirna, an area in central Istria that includes beautiful mountain places such as Motovun, Roč and Bale. Despite the small number of inhabitants, Hum has preserved the old ritual "Election of the prefect for a year" when all the men from the parish gather in the municipal loggia (town hall) to carve their votes into a wooden stick..

In Hum you can also see the preserved city walls and its two small streets with only three rows of houses. Today, Hum is a city-monument, one of the few examples of urban development within the city walls themselves.
In addition to being known as the smallest city in the world, Hum has recently become popular for biska, a traditional brandy spiced with mistletoe and made according to an old recipe originating from Hum. Every year at the end of October, the Grappa Festival is held here, which represents brandy producers from all over Istria.

Just an hour's pleasant drive from Umag, you can turn your trip to Hum into a beautiful story about surrounding Istrian towns.

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This is really the smallest city that I have seen) You can see it in 5 minutes.
It is a small town, but with a very long history. It's nice that the place of life of the monks who created the Slavic writing system has survived to this day, and in such a good condition.
very good!!!
My family loves hiking, and Hum had lovely hills for us to enjoy the view of cobblestone streets and colorful houses every time we were out hiking. The wide panoramic views in this town are just phenomenal!
The people of Hum are very friendly and welcoming. We enjoyed buying local stuff from the gorgeous shops around and enjoying the truffles, olive oil, and wine which were very delicious! I highly recommend it.
The refreshing atmosphere is what I enjoyed the most. The city of Hum is not congested . I experinced fresh air while treating myself.
Our adventure was great . We visited churches in the city of Hum. They were the very nice places you can pray and meditate.