Rochko Polje


Rochko Polje is a village near Roch and part of the City of Buzet. The area was inhabited in prehistory and antiquity, and Rochko Polje historically belonged to Roch. The meaning of the name is logical, plain or. field near Roch and in the local dialect we call it Poji. At the end of the road is the single-nave church of St. Roka, built in 1860 on the site of an older one. At the altar Corner fell; on the fasade a rustic relief of Christ, characteristic of the Buzet region. It can be freely said that this village is a caterer, blacksmith, shoemaker but above all a bowler and railwayman. This area was one of the most developed in history, all thanks to the railway and good connections with Pula and Trieste, where the locals sold milk, meat and more.

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