The name of this picturesque place comes from the fact that the Mirna riverbed, which flows through the village, is full of holes reminiscent of boilers used for traditional cooking on old fireplaces. The river flows from one cauldron to another, over a high rock a pool called Slap.These natural phenomena are a real attraction for visitors from all over the world.Turquoise shallow pools are created by overflowing mineral water and mineral deposition, and are an ideal place to relax.Kotli was once the leading economic village in the Hum area - Humshtina, with famous millers and tailors, and its mill is still visible today.Today, Kotli is a protected rural complex with preserved courtyards, outdoor staircases, arched passages and picturesque chimneys, and when you add the beautiful turquoise natural pools, visiting this place you will have the feeling that you are in the middle of a fairy tale.

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We went to relax at the Turquoise shallow pools created by the overflowing mineral waters, the ambience is breathtaking. The preserved courtyards served a good place to reminiscence on our love tale, it gave us the freedom and the privacy we needed. I loved it here.
We visited Kotli and we had the best fantastic experiences of our lives. This is very beautiful with its natural phenomenon. it has turquoise shallow pools that provide a relaxing atmosphere.
Beautiful place with natural pools of water and amazing river that dates back in time to the ancient times. Lovely place with great mills and other natural features that makes it a hotbed of great nature. I toured the places and was perplexed by its hub.
This natural water feature is unbelievable. The turquoise blue waters flows from one hole to another over a high rock. There are shallow pools. I really enjoyed playing with its waters and this feature really formed a nice background for my photos. I still don't understand how this feature came to be.
The beautiful turquoise and natural pools attracted us to this place. The flowing rivers made us feel alive and active. I would recommend this place to those on vacation.
very good!!!