Situated in the center of nortrhern Istria, at 348 meters above sea level, in the middle of natural beauty, rises the town of Roc, located about 10 kilometers from Buzet. The city was founded in ancient history - at first it was arranged as an Illyrian settlement, and then it became a Roman castrum surrounded by numerous smaller settlements.

In the Middle Ages, it turned into a fortified castle, separated by walls and defensive towers and the Small and Large Gates. During the 15th and 16th centuries, Roch was the center of Croatian literacy, editing and printing based on the oldest Slavic Glagolitic alphabet.

Today's appearance and notion of Roch dates back to the time of Venetian rule. Roch, which has become the destiny of many visitors, tourists and those enchanted by the history, Glagolitic alphabet and the beauty of the hill below Chicharija, which descends through the Mirna valley towards the warm sea, keeps pace with modern events.

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Roch has amazing history and we visited the wonderful historic sites at the place and we were perplexed by the unforgettable experience that we had at the place.
We had the chance of visiting the sparkling waterfall at Roch that was beautiful and refreshing and i was staring at the super flow of the waterfall and would love to come back again to the place.
The gorgeous architectural buildings at the place gives a good impression of the place and we got to visit the churches around and were amazed by the structural setting. I was mind blown by the beautiful buildings.
The view points at Roch were amazing and we were perplexed by the beautiful landscape that lies there with the green vegetation that is lovely and completely eyecatching.
very good!!!