Small place - Slum is located at about five hundred meters above sea level. The parish church of St. Matthew was built in the village, built in 1870 on the site of an older one, which is mentioned in the 16th century. Preserved frescoes and a Glagolitic inscription from 1555 originate from it. The inscriptions say that the mentioned church was built next to a large linden tree. Next to the church, there is still a large branched linden tree with a hollow trunk, so it can be concluded that this linden tree is one of the oldest existing trees in Istria.

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As a historian, i was fascinated to see lots of archaeological remains such as frescoes and Glagolitic inscriptions. I also learnt that church of St Matthew was built next to a large linden tree which is evident upto date. I was lucky to take a photo near the linden tree.
We had a chance to visit the place where the oldest tree at this place stood. It was near the church and it had a hollow branch. It was believed to have been here for the longest time. I plucked some leaves to take home and show my friends.
A rare sight for one to actually see is the church with an inscription with an interesting fact, next to it a linden tree the oldest existing one in Istria, it is a place rich in history and a nice place to visit to learn something interesting.
very good!!!