Grimalda is another ancient Istrian village located at 447 meters above sea level. It is first mentioned in written sources in 1202, when it came under the rule of the Patriarchate of Aquileia. There are two churches in the village and both are dedicated to St. George. Today in Grimaldi you can enjoy top quality wines of the same name that go well with local Istrian specialties from Boshkarin. Locals also call this place a lookout point of Istria, so from Grimalde you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the whole of Istria, its ruins that revive past times, and especially the large blue accumulation lake - Butoniga, which supplies the whole area all the way to Pula. water.

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I was here for a spiritual experience. I visited the churches in this place and felt spiritually uplifted. I later visited the lake which was the main supply of water in the whole region. My guide here was knowledgeable and friendly.
From Grimelde we enjoyed the panoramic views of the whole Istria. We are glad to have visited this place as we felt the Istrian vibe through the food specialities and Mediterranean wines offered here. Will definitely come back for more.
The churches dedicated to St George helped us grow our faith in God and even replenish our beliefs and Faith in God. We toured the large Blue Accumulation Lake and true to therapists, water is a stress reliever and a relaxant. Our trip at the lake turned out to be therapeutic.
This place has been in existence since the 13th century. During my stay in this town I visited the two churches in this town and I loved their history. I also visited Lake Butoniga and it was a good glimpse of nature. For all nature lovers this is a must visit for a simple nature walk.
I passed by this town and I was impressed with their quality of wine.From this town one could see the whole of Istria. I loved every moment Spent here. The people were really friendly.
The two churches in this location dedicated to St. George are historical landmines. I enjoyed touring these churches and admiring their interior and exterior decoration. I learned about the historical background of the buildings and enjoyed my visit.
The food and drinks served in the restaurants and cafes in this location are extremely delicious. I particularly loved the Istrian specialties like Boshkarin and the quality wines of the Croatian label. My fiancee and I enjoyed going on date nights while in vacation here.