Grimalda is another ancient Istrian village located at 447 meters above sea level. It is first mentioned in written sources in 1202, when it came under the rule of the Patriarchate of Aquileia. There are two churches in the village and both are dedicated to St. George. Today in Grimaldi you can enjoy top quality wines of the same name that go well with local Istrian specialties from Boshkarin. Locals also call this place a lookout point of Istria, so from Grimalde you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the whole of Istria, its ruins that revive past times, and especially the large blue accumulation lake - Butoniga, which supplies the whole area all the way to Pula. water.

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I enjoyed some top quality wines that perfectly matched with the best Istrian specialities. Thanks to the guides who helped us in the selection of drinks that complimented the dishes. Katoro being a viewpoint, i enjoyed the beautiful views of the ruins of Istria, the blue accumulation lake and the whole of Istria.
I am an old soul and any place with ancient elements excites me. I visited this old village and i had a taste of their top notch wine and istrian delicacy. From Grimalda I had a great view of the entire Istrian.
We had a tour around the place and encountered some amazing things. We loved the views of the landscape and the sparkling waters of the lake. The vineyards at the place were awesome and the wines too were unique and sweet to taste.
This place is quiet historical. It has been in existence since 1202. It has two churches and both are dedicated to St. George. Most of its historical monuments and features lie in ruins. I visited most of them and one could relive those moments just by seeing the ruins.
This place had excellent wines which we enjoyed with local food. The views and the ruins of the past were such a sight to behold. We took pictures of the views and the ruins.
very good!!!