Benkovski waterfall


Benkovski waterfall was named after the small village of Benkovichi, half a kilometer away, the village is now without inhabitants.

The easiest way to reach the waterfall is to park your vehicle in a small parking lot at the intersection in the village of Most-Pichan, which is located below Pichna. At the end of the road across the parking lot there is a large stone next to which there is a path that takes you to the top of the waterfall to Grajanski potok and Benkovski waterfall or you can also from a small chapel located on the road a little higher.

Benkovski waterfall is about forty meters high and is the largest Istrian waterfall, so you should be very careful here when exploring from the top. You should not get too close to the edge, because there are enough positions from which the entire waterfall can be seen with certainty. From the north side, a fascinating view of the entire waterfall opens up, reminiscent of Africa’s most famous Victoria Falls when there is plenty of water.

If you have time be sure to visit 2 more waterfalls nearby; Sopot waterfall in the village of Florichichi about 4 km away through the village of Jakomichi, this waterfall is mentioned in the Istrian divorce from 1325, and Gologorichki waterfall in Gologorichki dol about 10 km from Benkovski waterfall. Sopot and Benkovski slap in the Pichan region are among the most beautiful waterfalls in central Istria.

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