Tupljak, a village in the municipality of Pichan, is located in a lowland area, and is known for its mining. This is the last coal mine in Croatia, which ceased operations in 1999. Thus, after almost 400 years of mining, coal production in Istrian coal mines was officially shut down. Tupljak was first mentioned in historical sources in 1325. Bartula with a sacristy, built in the 15th century, and according to tradition, the seat of the church of the same name from Goretina, which is mentioned in the Istrian divorce, passed there. In the cemetery there is a three-nave church of St. Hadrian, built in 1796.

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There are archaeological sites to behold such as the cemetery which has a three nave church of St Hadrian is built. It was an educative tour as i learnt about the mining of coal in this place which shut in 1999 after 400 years in mining. I also learnt that this destination was the last in Croatia to shut down mining.
I visited this place where I enjoyed exploring the old coal mines where it was believed the miners died. I felt strange when I walked out of here safe because it was believed that there were ghosts. I later visited the church in the cemetery. I loved the experience of visiting this old places.
It is a place rich in history, the best thing about the place is the local people living here who are willing to share a bit of their history and culture. It is one of the last coal mines in Croatia and it is just interesting to know how it came to be, a thrill for any historian.
very good!!!