Belaj is an almost unreal place in Istria, which is best known for its fairytale castle and its endless native vineyards. The first record of Belaj appears as early as the 11th century, while the castle was founded in 1575 by a wealthy noble Barbo family. Its unique position and imposing size throughout history has made Belaj a center for the administration of the region. Today, due to its beauty and historical importance, Belaj is a registered historical heritage of Croatia, which every year attracts many lovers of history, untouched nature, as well as lovers of Istrian wine and local cuisine.

The spectacular castle surrounded by perfectly maintained vineyards that stretch over 12 hectares is reminiscent of Tuscan regions. Winemaking is woven into every part of the rich history of the castle because, namely, it is the only estate in Croatia where winemaking and the castle originated and have been developing together for over 5 centuries.

Head to Belaj and enjoy the liquid magic obtained from hand-picked grapes on the property itself, from vines planted back in 1964. On top of all that, the Castle Belaj estate serves as a location for wonderful private and corporate events and boasts its own restaurant offering local cuisine in a modern design.

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very good!!!
Thi town has existed since the 11th century. For history and nature lovers this town is a must visit. I loved how its history has been preserved and its vast vineyards were so spectacular. It is such a memorable town
This place has one of the vastest vineyards i have ever seen. The dvorac belaj winery was a nice place for tasting, the wine was exceptional. Also the place is a historical site and has nice local cuisines to choose from and enjoy.
The castle was an amazing spectacle to observe, i had only seen castles in cartoons but being close to one was very heartwarming. At the top of the tower one could see the extent to which the vineyard extends, the fields were nice to just look at.