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Dorac Belaj, the only estate in Croatia where winemaking and the castle originated and developed together, is located in the beautiful landscape of the Uchka mountain. The estate itself consists of a castle, founded in 1575 by the noble family Barbo, two annexes built in 19. century and a magnificent vineyard.
The long history of wine production on Belaj influenced its development, but also helped to identify the estate as a place of special importance for the development of the entire region. The property was later sold to Johann Weikhard von Auersperg, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Austrian Empire. Thanks to its unique position, but also its impressive size, from 1668 to 1848, Belaj was the legal administrative seat of the newly established district, which covered a third of Istria. Today, Belaj is a registered historical heritage of the Republic of Croatia, which equally attracts tourists, experts, sommelier and nature lovers.

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