On a small island in the middle of a shallow lagoon is the town of Nin with its old center, connected to the mainland by two stone bridges. The city is located in the middle of a sandy lagoon, 14 km north of the regional center, with excellent connections to Zadar which makes it easily accessible by car, bus, plane, train or boat. Nin had an exciting past, and today a beautiful present. In all his stories, all its beauty and natural richness, one can enjoy and find here the joy, health and spiritual satisfaction that are so much needed today. With a history of three thousand years, which is not recorded only in history books, but visitors literally have the opportunity to walk on it or learn about it from rich museum collections, Nin is the oldest Croatian royal city and the birthplace of the Croatian state. It was founded by the Illyrian tribe Liburni in the 9th century BC and known as Aenon. Today, it is a modern tourist destination that offers all kinds of activities for individuals and families, whether it is excellent sandy beaches and beautiful intimate coves or extremely fun vacation spots of the highest quality.

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Nin town has some fantastic sights to visit. I particularly loved taking pictures at the ancient stone bridges and old gates. The water views and building designs were jaw-dropping. I really had a relaxing vacation.
I enjoyed my trip to this lovely town. The charmingly fresh and original restaurants were simply lovely. they served delicious dishes, some grilled, barbecued, Italian, and vegan options. The exotic wines were also very tasty and sparkling. It's a sensational town.
This town has some remarkable buildings to visit. I especially fell in love with the ancient iconic churches with their breathtaking designs. The fields were also nicely kept and perfect to relax enjoying a book. It was a calming trip.
We really had fun times in Nin town. The boat trips to the sea were just exciting. There were a lot of unspoiled serene spots to visit especially the coves. We shall be back for more fun.
I always love bringing my family to this spectacular town. We really love swimming in its sandy beaches. The facilities like sunshades, sun beds, and changing rooms are all provided at affordable prices. We always have a good time.
This town has a lot of adventurous activities. My kids and I enjoyed taking walks and visiting the old roman temples. The phenomenal remains inside were just incredible. I highly recommend this town.
My friends and I had an exciting trip to this tranquil town. We visited the intriguing salt museums and their unique collections were something we've never experienced before. The guides were very cordial and we enjoyed the trip immensely.