Mishkovichi is a small settlement, the first one you come across when you cross the Pag bridge.

The settlement developed in the form of a long series of family houses and holiday homes located at the beginning of the deep Dinjiska Bay.

Mishkovichi offers a quiet holiday and beautiful, mostly rocky beaches that alternate with small piers. With your family here you will enjoy away from the excessive pace and noise of a man-made holiday. Traditional local specialties - Pag lamb, Pag cheese and Pag jaundice wine will complete the feeling of pleasure and tranquility.

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very good!!!
We visited this exquisite place as a family. My kids were excited to walk on the rocky beach as they jumped on the small tiers. It was a perfect spot for us to escape the noise and the busy crowded town, we enjoyed the tranquility of the place which is heartwarming. We also tried some traditional local specialities such as Pag Jaundice which was complimented by the tasty wines.
This town is so small. Just right after the Pag bridge. It's a nice place for a peaceful vacation. The town is amazing. Just right to the next sea. I was able to enjoy to a perfect boat ride experience. It was marvelous.
Best holiday destination that we choose. We had no regrets at the place as we had the best time of our lives. We had amazing boat ride tours and enjoyed the great landscape at the place as well and surfing around the place. Magical moments that we made at the place.
We spent our holiday here and really enjoyed running on the beautiful rocky beaches. The place is so quiet and beautiful I also liked the traditional dishes served here.