Miskovici is a small settlement, the first one you come across when you cross the Pag bridge.The settlement developed in the form of a long series of family houses and holiday homes located at the beginning of the deep Dinjiska Bay.Miskovici offers a quiet holiday and beautiful, mostly rocky beaches that alternate with small piers. With your family here you will enjoy away from the excessive pace and noise of a man-made holiday. Traditional local specialties - Pag lamb, Pag cheese and Pag jaundice wine will complete the feeling of pleasure and tranquility.

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very good!!!
I came here with my family for a vacation. The children played their games along the beach which was not populated. We also enjoyed local specialties like the pig lamb, pig cheese, and sweet locally made wine.
I had to make sure i got a villa next to the water body, the place had a cool breeze, it was an escapade that i had to get for myself, I took a tour to the restaurants around and got to taste new meals as i was gazing at the sea, wonderful experience
This small settlement is a heaven on earth paradise. We competed with my friends to run through the rocky beaches and it was exciting. The small piers were perfect for body exercise to maintain good health.
I toured this place with my family and this was the perfect spot that gave us a feeling of pleasure and tranquility. We tasted the local traditional specialities and to my the Pag Lamb was the best delicacy I tasted here. The jaundice wine served to us by the pleasant waiters perfectly matched with the dishes.
This settlement is right next to the Pag bridge. It is an amazing town with wonderful streets. Walking along its streets was such a relaxing moment. The buildings were neatly decorated. The beaches were so lovely.
This town is small but beautiful. It is located right next to the sea. One could enjoy walking right next to sea or swim. It is wonderful town with amazing accomodation and really hospitable people.