Lukovo sugarje


Lukovo sugarje is a village south of Karlobag that has its roots in the Middle Ages. Namely, in the 17th century the settlement was neglected, only to be revived later. Lukovo sugarje also includes several small hamlets located on the steep Velebit coastal slope.

№606 in Villages and settlements of Croatia

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I learnt of the history of this village that was neglected at some point before being revived again. I enjoyed every bit of my stay in the hamlets that had a lovely pleasant atmosphere. This village is an oasis of peace and tranquility.
My stay at this place was wonderful. I enjoyed hiking and swimming. I rented a bike and went cycling around the town. I took great picture and also made new friends.
Visiting this place is just an interesting experience, the village makes you feel like you are in the past because of the origin of the place itself. A connection to the middle ages makes it a wonderful place to visit if you are interested to see different structures form way in the past. The locals are friendly people. It is a nice place to visit.
very good!!!