Povljana is located in the southern part of the island. It has about 800 inhabitants. It is an agricultural area that has fed almost the entire island for hundreds of summers. In the middle of the twentieth century, tourism began to develop in Povljana. The village is expanding, changing its appearance and turning from a rural center into today's tourist center of great importance. Povljana offers beautiful beaches, clear sea and a particularly important bay of old Povljana, rich in shells. The inhabitants of Povljana are known to be very kind and hospitable people.

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very good!!!
This place is rich in different types of shells. I enjoyed sitting at the beach and collecting shells. I loved the seafood and the people were friendly.
I adored the reception by this place. The people here are really welcoming. I was able to enjoy some of their cuisines and their hospitality. I had the whole beach to myself and swam in the waters, it was a refreshing trip
My kids loved collecting shells of different kinds from the bay of old Pavljana. A walk along the warm sandy beaches was soothing to the soul and i even got an inspiration in writing my new book. The beaches make the place beautiful and more attractive.
The beautiful beach with clear sea is ideal for swimming areas which my partner and i loved so much. The inhabitants of the area are amazingly hospitable and kind which made it easier for us to interact with them. Such an amazing place.
This town is perfect for collecting shells. I enjoyed collecting shells and spending quality time by the beach. Its sea was really clear and magical. It is a developic town so there are plenty of recreational centres within it.
This town is made of rocky beaches. I loved how magical the view of the sea was. My kids had and epic time collecting sea shells. Walking on its rocky beaches. It was a wonderful experience.