Povljana is located in the southern part of the island. It has about 800 inhabitants. It is an agricultural area that has fed almost the entire island for hundreds of summers. In the middle of the twentieth century, tourism began to develop in Povljana. The village is expanding, changing its appearance and turning from a rural center into today's tourist center of great importance. Povljana offers beautiful beaches, clear sea and a particularly important bay of old Povljana, rich in shells. The inhabitants of Povljana are known to be very kind and hospitable people.

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very good!!!
We collected shells from the bay of old Povljana of different types to take with us back home as souvenirs. The beautiful beach with clear sea offered with swimming spots an activity my kids loved most. Thanks to the hospitable people around who were cordial and charming towards us.
This place is ideal for collecting shells. Its beach was rocky but beautiful. I enjoyed walking on the beaches. The buildings of the inhabitants are well built and decorated. Their beauty was stunning. The people here were hospitable
We visited the place and woke up to go shell picking at the shores of the sea. The sea is cool and has amazing views that it showcases. The beaches too make the place to be more attractive and lovely.
We enjoyed collecting shells here and walking on the beautiful beaches. The people here have beautiful culture and are very welcoming.