Privlaka is a quiet tourist place located only 18 km from Zadar and 5.5 km from the historic town of Nin. The mild Mediterranean climate and the influence of the sea have greatly facilitated the development of tourism in this small fishing village. Clean air and geothermal mud make Privlaka attractive to people who have health problems such as asthma, rheumatism and arthritis. In the underwater world around Privlaka you can find numerous caves, rich archeological sites, shipwrecks and diverse, rich underwater life. Precisely for this reason, but also because of its natural beauty, Privlaka is popular among divers. Privlaka mainly has numerous sandy bays that abound in beautiful sandy beaches, shallow and warm sea, which favors the development of family tourism. Some beaches are located in small hidden coves; the most famous beaches in Privlaci are Loznica and Skoblari, sandy beaches suitable for children. There is also the beach Škrapavac, the first sandy beach with paved parts and a beautiful entrance to the sea, is also suitable for children.

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5.0 (1 review)

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Privlaka has the most beautiful beaches and attracctive coves. The temperature there is just perfect for an outing. I visited one of the paved beaches and was so happy that my kids could safely play around as we took photos of ourselves. There is much to explore in privlaka.
Privlaka has many cool places to visit. I visited the botanical gardens, water parks and the waterfalls and fell in love with very bit of what I saw. There is so much to feed your eyes and enjoy in privlaka.
I never thought fishing was such an enjoyable activity until I visited Privlaka for a vacation. There was so much to expore around as I made new friends around who showed me how to fish. They fed me with lots of rich stories of their traditional food. I will always miss the tasty well boiled fresh fish from Privlaka.
Privlaka is an amazing place to visit. My kids really loved the place very much. We enjoyed swimming, taking nature walks around the parks and visiting the sandy beaches. It was worth visiting.
Privlaka is naturally beautiful. I had never seen divers before until I visited this place. From what I observed, the diving experience must have been enjoyable to the divers who kept exploring much in the underworld waters.There was much to behold and adore.
very good!!!