Virski bridge


The bridge is certainly the most important object for the development of the island of Vir. By connecting Vir with the mainland, the dependence on ship lines was lost and communication connections with the rest of the world were greatly improved. This communication connection directly influenced the further direction of Vir's development. The construction of the Vir Bridge began in 1974, and was put into operation on April 24, 1976. It is a 378-meter-long arch bridge that rests on nine concrete load-bearing pillars and two additional ones in the embankments at the ends of the bridge. It is one of the longest bridges of its kind built in our country at that time. There is no doubt that the construction of this bridge has contributed to the quality of life on the island and its overall development. In addition, the bridge has been built since its construction, along with the fortress of Kashtelina, the lighthouse and the church of St. John the Baptist and St. Juraj, became a kind of representative of the island that can be found on almost every promotional material related to this island municipality.

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Vir island

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Virski put, 23234, Vir


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
This is a a wonderful piece of engineering!! I was so fascinated the moment i laid my eyes on it, its unique design deserves an oscar award
My brother and I loved the beauty of the Virski bridge. Being fans of photos it was a must that we took snaps with our camera.
The lustrous green vegetation beneath the bridge was breathtaking. I got to experience the most beautiful views in my entire life.
The modern bridge of Virski connects the Island to the land. Our adventure using the bridge was outstanding . A nice view of the sea.
We stood on the beautifully designed bridge with grills on the side as we watched the sea waters and locals carry out their daily activities.
Amazing sightseeing spot that shows the amazing landscape and the sandy beach at the bottom of the bridge is wonderful. We rented a scooter and had fun on the bridge wity my friend.
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