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The naval lighthouse Vir was built in 1881 on the southwest coast of the island of Vir. This lighthouse is a typical example of large lighthouses that were built on the eastern Adriatic coast in the 19th century and is one of about 50 similar lighthouses built in that period. Until recent times and the automation of the lighthouse, it had a crew, that is, the lighthouse keepers lived with it on their families and performed their daily tasks in order for the lighthouse to function flawlessly. During the Second World War, anti-fascist fighters had their base in this lighthouse, maintaining a connection between partisan units on the mainland and on the island of Molat. The lighthouse was destroyed in retaliation in 1944 by German occupation forces. It was rebuilt after the war and put back into operation in 1950. Today there is no crew on it, and its operation is automated.

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(8 reviews)
very good!!!
We visited the nearby museum. We saw lots of local history. A great place to learn history.
The height of this lighthouse stood out. I enjoyed seeing the blue water from above. Watching the sunset from the top was nice and lighting a bonfire was an incrediblle moment
The lighthouse was very beautiful especially in the night it lit up the skies and the coast very well
Learning of how the lighthouses help in navigation in the sea was eye-opening. I learnt a lot that i did not know.
My adventure with my brother to Maritime Lighthouse Vir was exceptional. We enjoyed a 40 minutes lighthouse tour. Perfect place.
My husband and I tried learning how to help a boat navigate from this loaction. I will bring my son and nephew next time I visit.
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