Beach Puntadura


Puntadura beach is located on the island of Vir. The beach is made of fine brown pebbles and sand. The entrance to the sea is gentle, with stone parts which makes it suitable for young people and families with children. The proximity to the city center makes it easily accessible, and you will also find all the facilities and facilities you are looking for in the immediate vicinity. We definitely recommend that you try windsurfing, which is popular on and around the beach.


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Vir island

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I went windsurfing in this location and it was exhilarating. The waters were cool and the breeze was refreshing. It was an activity that I had wanted to do for a very long time and I am glad I got to experience it in this breathtaking location.
It is an ideal place for a family vacation, this fine brown pebbles and sand beach has a gentle entrance to the sea. The city center is close-by and any facilities required during the visit here can be found at the city center. I especially enjoyed wind surfing here and would recommend anyone visiting to try it.
Always wanted to try out windsurfing and the beach provided just that. The beach is covered with brown pebbles and sand and is suitable for the whole family. The entrance to the sea is gentle hence no worry on the little ones.
very good!!!
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