Lanterna Beach


Lanterna Beach is located in the southwestern part of the island of Vir. Within this beach there is an old lighthouse built back in 1881. The lighthouse was renovated in 1950, and in 2012 it was converted and registered into a 5-star holiday home named Villa Lanterna. A small dock for boats was built nearby. The entire property is insured and has its own permanent security guard-housekeeper.

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public beach


Vir island

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23234, Vir


(9 reviews)
We loved staying at the holiday home called Villa lanterna which was once a lighthouse built back in 1881. This is within the beach hence we enjoyed swimming and taking in the fresh air of the sea. The place is totally safe and guarded by a permanent security guard-housekeeper.
The beach doesn't had many people and we reserved a night at the lighthouse with my fiance and it was the best thing for our vacation. We enjoyed the best of the views from the lighthouse and the summer vibes had the best experience of the trip. We went swimming at the sea and had marvelous time.
I was able to book myself one of the many apartments available by the sea, the beach is at a close proximty and i grabbed my sandles and went down to try out windsurfing and jet skiing which were all full of adrenaline rush, the Tuna Bar and Grill was just by the seaside and i enjoyed my fish as i watched the sunset, my days here were perfect
It was superfun to go for a boat ride with my friends, it was the best way to explore the magical beauty of this beach. There is a small dock for boats built nearby. Food served in the hotels here is tantalizing.
At the entrance, the sea is so attractive giving one a tip of how the inside would look like. On the beach I rented deck-chairs and parasol, as well as various beach and water sports equipments.
This beautiful beach has a beautiful 5-star holiday home that was formerly a lighthouse. The trees make the beach look even more naturalistic. It has a security guard andis very private. The best place to go for an amazing quiet alone time with a loved one
I recommend this beach for anyone wanting to experience some adrenaline inducing activities while at the same time relaxinga and just unwinding. This beach has a large beautiful green froest something any nature enthusiast would love. It offers activities like water skiing and windsurfing. It is a nice place to visit with friends or as couples and just bond.
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