Beach Uvala Duboka Draga


Duboka draga beach is the most beautiful natural beach in the northwestern part of the island of Vir. It is located outside each settlement. Locals and weekenders call this beach by another name "Red Beach" or simply "Red Rocks". The beach can be reached by land, one-way road that is closed to motor vehicles (only cyclists and pedestrians are allowed); from the sea side access is possible only by small speedboat or sailboat. The beach is characterized by crystal clear sea, lush vegetation of low vegetation and steep cliffs. Untouched nature combined with fabulous red rocks, a rocky-sandy beach and the most beautiful sunset will surely delight and enchant you, and encourage you to come again. 

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public beach


Vir island

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23234, Vir


(6 reviews)
I was enchanted by the beautiful sunset views here. I took some photos of me and my lover under the sunset rays and they looked beautiful. Best place to bond as lovers
The sandy rocky beach had the natural taste to it that was fascinating. We went for a cruise at the sparkling waters of the sea with a speed boat and i enjoyed myself. Great time and i had a remarkable adventure with nice views of the cliffs.
The clear sea on this natural beach is ideal for a good swim. To access the place, you need to walk or cycle...but if you choose to come by water, you need the small boats. The rocky sandy beach has some red rocks and the untouched nature gives it an all natural feel. The vegetation make it even more lush and you will definitely enjoy the sunshine over here.
The red rocks provided us with a good backdrop to take photos. The lush low vegetation here beautified the glorious scenery of this beach. It was amazing for my Geography to find the cliffs they were in class in reality at this place.
The red beach as it is commonly known by the locals here. I thought it was the beach that was red but it turned out it is fabulous red rocks. We accessed the beach by bike since the road is closed to motor vehicles. The beach has the most beautiful sunset which will surely delight and enchant you.
very good!!!
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