Yallah Wallah Beach


Yallah Wallah Beach is not a beach with an unusual name located on the island of Vir. The beach has an unusual construction, ie it consists of deposits of larger and smaller white stones. The entrance to the sea is not very gentle because it is also covered with stones, which makes movement much more difficult. The beach is not very popular, and you will not find any facilities and facilities nearby.


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public beach


Vir island

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(4 reviews)
It’s a good beach if you love rock climbing because the beach is full of stones from the entrance all the way down to the sea. The breeze is nice at the sea but accessing it is difficult
Although the beach was difficult to access due to the rocky terrain. There are no people here mostly because it is not easily accessible. Though it seems wild it is a nice place.
Had a hard time accessing the beach due to the rough terrain leading down to the sea. There are plenty of large and small stones on the path and no much facilities. However the sea is clean and clear and the breeze is nice
very good!!!
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