Crvenka Beach


Crvenka Beach seems to be an inhospitable and very inaccessible beach. If you look at the coast you can easily conclude that this is not a place for everyone. This beach actually attracts adventurers and nature lovers. If you are interested in the underwater world and the wilderness that takes place below the surface of the sea, you will surely enjoy it here.

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Place Type

public beach


Vir island

Place Location

23234, Vir


(6 reviews)
If you are a nature lover then this is the place for you. There is an underwater wonder that will leave you wishing you could live there. The natural shade here is good for taking cover from the summer heat. There are not many amenities here but the nature and beautiful terrain cover up for it.
I had a great interest in the underwater world and this beach gave me exactly what I wanted. I discovered the wilderness that undergoes under the water and I really enjoyed it. Highly recommended for divers.
As an adventurer this was the best place to be. there was a lot to explore and learn about the uniqueness of this beach. It is not crowded hence a good weekend getaway for couples who love nature.
Not really my ideal place for a vacation but i really enjoyed the underwater world and the wilderness that takes place below the surface of the sea. The beach is very inaccessible and is best for adventurers and nature lovers.
Few people at the beach that has a beautiful view and it is rich in nature. We went for snorkeling with my friends and the experience underwater was unmatched. unforgettable moments with my friends and lovely times.
very good!!!
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