Skripnica Beach


Skrpinica beach is located on the island of Vir in a small bay. It is special because of its mole-like appearance, which seems a bit desert-like. Namely, the beach is made up of meadows (low fine grass) that lead all the way to the sea. The seabed is covered with rocks and gravel. There are also some rocks in the sea, but this does not make swimming or diving difficult. Although there are no additional facilities and facilities on the beach, the proximity of everything is really imperceptible. Be sure to bring sunscreen as it lacks natural shade.

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Vir island

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We had so much fun at this beach and were mesmerized by the beautiful meadows at the beach.It does not have any additional facilities. You will have to carry your necessities.
I loved that the sea bed was covered with soft gravel which felt nice on feet while stepping on them. The well trimmed grass also made the beach look beautiful and catching to the eye
The meadows along the beach was perfect place to sunbathe while enjoying the cool breeze coming from the sea. There were no shelter or trees around to provide shade so carrying an umbrella is a good option.
very good!!!
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