Smratina Beach


Smratina Beach is an unusual looking beach located on the island of Vir. The beach is famous and visited for its picturesque landscape. Namely, the beach is pebbly and located at the foot of a low sandy cliff covered with Mediterranean vegetation. A couple of rocks protrude from the shallows, but the seabed is covered with fine gravel. The sea is clean, clear and warm. There is no natural shade on the beach so be sure to bring sunscreen. Also, the beach has no additional facilities and facilities, but it is very close to the center if you go by car.


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Vir island

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I loved relaxing on the protruding rocks in the shallow after a long swim while taking in the sun. I also enjoyed exploring the rich marine life on the open seas. I love how clear and clean the water in this location is. I will bring my sister to the next visit.
The landscape on this pebble beach is wonderful and its location at the foot of a cliff covered with Mediterranean vegetation adds to the beauty o fthis beach. The sea is clean, clear an dwarm with fine gravel at the sea bed. Carry some sunscreen as you visit this beach,no natural shade, it is located near the city center so additional facilities are close-by.
Smratina beach has the perfect weather during the summer for people to enjoy the beach not too cold and not too hot. The water too is warm perfect for swimming. I enjoyed my visit to this place and did not regret even a bit.
very good!!!
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