Sabunike Beach


Sabunike Beach is located in the beautiful town of Nin and is very popular and famous among both tourists and locals. The beach is made of a long row of wide and spacious stone slabs and that is why it is popular for sunbathing and diving. At several points along the beach, ladders are placed for easier access to the sea, so it is also suitable for the elderly. The beach is very popular, both among young people and families with children, as well as locals and tourists.


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I love that my nana was able to have a good time in this beautiful location without any inconvenience. I especially loved that they had installed ladders at various points which ensured that she enjoyed the experience. I will visit again with my grandpa
A nice place to get tanned, this spaciously stone slabbed beach is the ideal destination for anyone visiting the beautiful town of Nin. This beach is suitable for families with children, it has easy access to the sea, I enjoyed sunbathing and diving. It is a popular place for the locals and tourists, so expect a little bit of crowd visiting it.
Sabunike beach is a very unique beach. It is meters away from the town of Nin. There on this beach, you will find people from different parts of the country and all over the world coming to this place to enjoy what this beach has to offer. Diving on the deeper section of the bech is a popular sport.
very good!!!
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