Treasury of gold and silver of the city of Nin


Numerous churches in Nin, those that existed in the past and have been preserved to this day, are a real treasure trove of valuable works of art. Some of them are stored in the Nin collection of church art "Gold and Silver of the City of Nin", which is located in an arranged space upgraded next to the parish church, the former cathedral. There you will have the opportunity to see objects from the founding of the Diocese of Nin and earlier. The collection also includes extremely valuable reliquaries of the heavenly patrons of St. Anselm, st. Ambrose and St. Marcela from the end of the 8th - 15th century. Woodcarving works and votive gifts given to Our Lady of Zechevo are also kept here. In the Church Treasury "Gold and Silver of the City of Nin" there are: one silver coin of Judas, the ring of Pope Pius II. from the 15th century, Our Lady's image of apparitions and other valuable objects. 

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