Church of St. Nicolas


A recognizable symbol of Nin is the church of St. Nikola which is located in the Prahulje field. It is very important for the rulers of the Croatian dynasty and for the history of Nin and Croatia. In Nin, according to folklore, seven kings were crowned, and each crowned ruler and his entourage rode to the church of St. Nikola and it was here that he presented himself to the people with always the same symbolic ritual - he would cut with a sword from that mound to all four corners of the world.

The church is built on an earthen mound that rises above a spacious field and it is in this place that you can experience unforgettable sunsets. There are still unexplored prehistoric graves in the mound. The church is 5.90 m long, 5.70 m wide, 6 m high (internal dimensions), while the walls are 50 cm thick. Due to the danger from the Turks, a defensive crown with 8 teeth was added to the church in the 16th - 17th century, which served as a reconnaissance. Church of St. Nikola is the only preserved example of early Romanesque architecture of this shape in Dalmatia, and dates from the end of the 11th and the beginning of the 12th century.

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