Old Croatian ship Condura Croatica


The historical story of Nin is a story of prosperity based on salt as well as a long maritime tradition and the recognizable ships Condura Croatica.

These ships were found at the entrance to the port of Nin in 1966, and taken out in 1974 to begin their desalination, conservation and restoration in Zadar. They sailed in the late 11th and early 12th centuries, and it is assumed that they were mentioned by Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus in the 10th century when he spoke of the Old Croatian Navy. This is also the reason that the ships were named Condura Croatica.

Interestingly, these are the smallest, but also the deadliest warships in world history, which the Croats - it is learned from the description of the Byzantine emperor Porphyrogenitus - had about eighty. Their length is 7-8 meters, they are narrow and built in the classic way with ribs and formwork joined by wooden and iron nails. In case of favorable wind, a square sail would be raised. They were used as fast rowing boats. The Condura Croatica found today is in the Museum of Nin Antiquities in a special pavilion, and one replica is on display in the sea near the Lower City Bridge. But that's not all - in the same museum you can see a copy of a part of the ship Serilia Liburnica from the 1st century, the same as they were found in the ancient port of old Nin in today's Zaton.

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