Salt Museum


Whether you want to see how salt is produced in the traditional way, whether you are interested in salt souvenirs or would like to taste the "salt flower" which many call "salt caviar" - you are in the right place that will take you to a truly special world of Nin saltworks. different from anything you’ve ever seen, experienced and tasted.

The museum's story about salt - which has an institutional beginning with the opening of the Nin Saltworks in 1955 - begins with an introduction to its effects on health as well as the methods of exploitation and the tools and equipment used in it. Here you will also be able to buy an autochthonous Croatian salty product and taste the famous "salt flower" - the French "Fleur de Sel" which is a proof of ecological and traditional production, but also a point on the "i" of every top dish. Enriched with minerals and with numerous health effects, the salt flower is highly valued and reaches a price several tens of times higher than ordinary salt.

Everyone who loves delicious dishes and desserts will surely be attracted by the souvenir offer of the Salt Museum with the products in which it is used, such as chocolate and biscuits of different flavors, which is unique by the use of Nin flower salt, although limited due to demanding production.

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Ilirska cesta 7, 23232, Nin


(8 reviews)
Anyone who loves to walk should visit here. It has a nice waterway and boat docks. I loved the serenity it offered.
very good!!!
The old, firm, and intertwinned buildings are quite strong for their age. I really enjoyed the tour through this location.
Salt warehouses are worth visiting. I was joyful to see the sand of salt. Wonderful place.
It was a wonderful experience exploring and learning how salt is stored and the whole traditional process of salt works
This place is historic. It complemented our tour. We saw many industries built. A great place.
We visited the warehouses and had the chance to witness the salt production process and had the intresting history of salt production.
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