Church of the Holy Cross


The Church of the Holy Cross in Nin was built in the 9th century. It is the most valuable preserved monument of old Croatian church architecture and is one of the symbols of the city of Nin. In the time of Croatian rulers, it served as the court chapel of the nearby duke's court. The church was built on the remains of ancient houses, and these remains are still visible today. Due to the specific position of the windows and the angle of incidence of light, this small church is a kind of calendar, so the exact position of the solstices and equinoxes can be determined by the sun's rays.

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Ul. Petra Zoranića 8, 23232, Nin


(9 reviews)
very good!!!
The religious architecture of the croatian Holy cross church is outstanding. I was joyful to learn the historical religion of this place.
The early Croatian architecture is very prominent in this location. I enjoyed the intake of this new, unique and beautiful architectural style.
The design of this church is quite old but still brings out the divinity of the place. I had a great experience touring the church just admiring its gothic style
The church is built on the antique Roman stones. Our stay in the afternoon in this little church was fantastic, the museums around here provide a good backdrop for photoshoot.
The great church the holy cross has got may statues of former saints. I liked how they were arrangemenged. A great church.
This is our third time in Croatia with my husband. The Church has an eye catching symbol that introduces the city. It made me appreciate the craft of architecture.
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