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The well-kept sandy beach is 1.5 km long with numerous facilities and is considered one of the best in Croatia. It is ideal for families with children who can swim freely and in the shallow sea, use the numerous playgrounds and seek refreshment in the shade of pine trees. Young people and adults can choose from a variety of fun activities and sports facilities such as water slides, aquagans, icebergs, jumping centers, beach volleyball and many other water sports. Due to the exceptional quality and purity of the sea, she is the winner of the international award for the Blue Flag beach. 

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public beach



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23232, Nin


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This well kept sandy beach is ideal for families with children. The sea is shallow and the water is warm. There are playgrounds for the children and the natural shade of pine trees is quite refreshing. For adults and young people, you can choose from the various fun activities like water slides, aquaguns, beach volleyball and more. The sea is considered the purest and cleanest.
We had a numerous number of games to engage in as adults. The water sports such as icebergs, aquafans were both involving and adrenaline igniting. If looking for an active vacation then this is the place to be
My kids found it fun playing their games in the spacious playground. They were able to swim because the waters of this beach are shallow. They were excited to find refreshments in the cafes and restaurants around.
The clean sandy beach was our choice for the summer destination and it was remarkable. We enjoyed swimming with my family and also had a lot of fun playing at the courts different games with other people and it was interesting. Unforgettable moments and it was worth the trip to the place.
It was a good bonding outing with my kids since we go to play with aquafans and the kids really enjoyed the water slides.We later on grabbed some food and drinks before heading back home.
very good!!!
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