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Soldatica beach is a pebble beach on the island of Vir, located in a slightly private bay bordered by tall trees (which provide natural shade), so it is almost never crowded. The sea here is clean, warm and relatively shallow, and also the entrance to the sea is gentle, so the beach is suitable for families with children and the elderly. Hidden from the public eye, this beach is a bit wild, so you will not find additional facilities or restaurants on it and nearby. Be sure to bring with you everything you need to spend a day at the beach and enjoy the silence, peace and crystal clear sea.

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My wife and I had an amazing experience swimming in the open waters while exploring the beautiful sea. we collected several corals to take as souvenir to our son who had to be in school. We will visit again soon as a whole family.
The beach of Soldatica is a wonderful place to visit while on a trip to the island of Vir. it is a pebble beach that makes the beach super beautiful. It is indeed a nice place to spend your evening or weekend. The beach is suitable for people from all sects of life. Young and old.
My family and I enjoyed visiting this pebble beach with a clean, warm and rellatively shallow sea. It is well hidden from the public eye and is a great place for nature lovers because it is a bit wild. Planning to visit again, carry everything you need when visiting this place as you enjoy the serene atmosphere.
very good!!!
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