Zitna Beach


Zhitna Vir beach - is one of the main on the island of Vir. The beach is arranged and equipped with all necessary things for that purpose. It is 300 meters wide, very popular and always well filled. In addition to renting pedal boats or other props for yourself or children, along the beach there are many bars and restaurants that offer refreshments or some delicious food. 

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Place Type

public beach


Vir island

Place Location

Ul. Žitna XIX 36, 23234, Vir


(6 reviews)
The beach had all the necessary equipments to hire with a range of activities to do. We went swimming with my friends and it was fun at the beach. Awesome time well spent under the sun with hot temperatures.
This beach is quite active.There are usually a lot of people especially during summer.There are facilities available such as renting pedal boats and even some of the sun prevention gears you'd need for yourself or your children.I took the liberty to hire their pedal boats and it was quite a unique experience.The food and refreshments offered at the nearby bars and restaurants were top tier.I loved visiting this beach for sure.
The sea offered a great deal of activities as we rented pedal boats with my kids on the vacation and it was all fun and games with them Therapeutic and it was a marvel to pedal on sea and around as we enjoyed the panoramic views.
We went sampling food at different restaurant with my wife and the dishes prepared were top notch. Sweet, delicious meals with unique touch to it that made them tasty in every restaurant and cafe that we visited. Remarkable places and the views were amazing too.
The place is perfect, gorgeous, exotic. The local food is also very good. It has beach flavor, fresh things. Nature by itself speaks to the four corners of the island. It is an excellent show.
very good!!!
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