Vrsi as a tourist place offers visitors a variety of private accommodation. If you want to spend a peaceful holiday with your family, their residents will be more than happy to make your stay unforgettable and pleasant. If you are a fan of sailing or windsurfing, you will find an excellent opportunity to do so in Vrsi. During the summer months, almost every day, a light sea breeze "maestral" blows, which makes sailing / windsurfing conditions excellent. In the center of Vrsi there are basketball and five-a-side football courts. In addition to offering an active vacation, there are also many cultural sights that will introduce visitors to the history of the place.

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The private accommodation units were of a fair market value and spacious. The king sized bed was fluffy and the room had a foot ceiling which had me filled with thoughtful details. I felt like a king.
We/ were warmly welcomed by the residents who provided us with accommodation. My kids loved basketball and football in the playing fields with kids from the community. It was wonderful seeing them bonding.
Surfing was among the activities in my bucket list and this place happened to have it. The experience while surfing especially with the water waves is unmatched and incredibly unforgettable. Later we would sail to the beach.
This place was the best escape from the summer heat at home. I enjoyed windsurfing and the cool breeze at this place. I also played ball games like football and basketball. It was a great experience.
Summer vacation trip to the place was superb. We enjoyed some of the fun activities that we had. We ent windsurfing at the turquoise sea and enjoyed every bit of it. Interesting time with my friends and remarkable time.
very good!!!
The locals made our stay pleasant and comfortable, they were cordial and friendly to us. As a fan of both windsurfing and sailing this was the place for me,i spent most of my afternoons sailing and windsurfing and the light sea breeze blows, made my sailing/windsurfing conditions excellent. The many cultural places here introduced us to the history of this place.