This small place is the second in a row that you come across after crossing the Pag bridge, which means that the city of Zadar is still nearby, but that the city of Pag is only 10 km away.Although the place is not large, there will be no shortage of places to swim. In addition to numerous small beaches, there are several restaurants offering simple local specialties.As in other places on the island of Pag, before the development of tourism, the population was mostly engaged in sheep farming, which produced a widely known product: Pag cheese.In the center is the beautiful church of St. Maura, first mentioned in the middle of the 14th century.Nearby is the ornithological reserve Veliko blato where unforgettable moments will be experienced by nature lovers, especially those who enjoy bird watching

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I got a chance to visit the sheep keeping areas and got to learn about the different breeds of sheep and how to make cheese. The loved watching the different kinds of birds at the reserve, their chirping sounds made the place alive. Very beautiful.
This place had beautiful beaches where I enjoyed swimming and sunbathing. I visited the sharp farms and learned a lot about fishing. They prepared pag cheeses which were delicious. I went to the old church in the afternoon for spiritual nourishment. The air was cool and fresh. An amazing place to visit.
I had an interesting experience visiting the place, I am an avid bird watcher and finding a place purposefully for bird watching. Watching birds native to the local made the experience even more enjoyable. Would recommend a visit to this place.
very good!!!