Ilok, this old royal city rises above the Danube, in the area of ​​Srijem, surrounded by the slopes of Frushka gora and endless vineyards, inheriting its rich and turbulent past. The name Ilok was first mentioned in 1267, and the most famous owner of Ilok was Nikola Ilochki, in the 15th century, a Croatian-Hungarian nobleman in whose time the city center was fortified with walls that are mostly preserved, and today are one of the sights of Ilok.Ilok has found its place on the tourist map of Croatia, and in addition to locals, this tame town in the far east of Croatia is increasingly visited by guests from European countries, leaving them full of impressions of Ilok's beauties and the mighty Danube, wine and gastronomy, peace and slow pace of life of the inhabitants there. Ilok, as the easternmost settlement of the Republic of Croatia, is often called "the place where Croatia begins".Ilok is associated with another interesting line from history with the question "Why do church bells ring at noon?". The common and everyday fact that church bells ring at noon has a strong connection with Ilok and Capistrano. Namely, when the news of the victory of the Christian army over the Ottomans near Belgrade under the leadership of Ivan Hunjadi (Janko from Sibiu) reached Capistrano and the then pope in Rome, he ordered all the bells to ring in that name and glory. This act has remained part of the Christian religious ritual to this day.

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Ilok town has very interesting historical sites to visit. I especially loved visiting the ancient magnificent fortresses and monasteries that looked so glorious. The pictures I took in this town are just adorable.
There are some nice places to enjoy in Ilok. My husband I being art lovers had a good time admiring the famous portraits in the art galleries. We even bought beautiful replicas at good prices. It was a wonderful experience.
This town has some unique places that I have not experienced anywhere else. I always visit its iconic castle museums and the astonishing views take my breath every time. It's a lovely town worth a visit.
I and my girl squad had the perfect trip to this town. We rented a beautiful apartment with spacious clean rooms and huge gardens. We held outdoor parties around large bonfires. We enjoyed wines and dancing until morning. It was a splendid trip.
My boys and I had a terrific time in this adorable town. We especially loved visiting the delightful vineyards, old wine cellars and winery families to taste fresh wine. The cheerful hosts were very outgoing and we really enjoyed the electrifying wines.
My friends and I had a great time exploring this beautiful town on a hill. Taking hikes on the hills and enjoying the adorable sunset views is an experience I shall never forget. This town is just paradisical.
This town serves very savory dishes. It's a multicultural town hence the cuisines are diverse. There is fish, meat, and delicious salads all served by smiling hosts. I look forward to another visit this summer.