Otok is a town in eastern Croatia, located 20 km south of Vinkovci, in eastern Slavonia. Otok was first mentioned in the 12th century as Ottok, and is also mentioned between 1333 and 1335 when the papal legate visited this village three times and received a mediocre sum in that parish. In the further development of this large village it acquired a commercial significance which was maintained and continued to develop until the arrival of the Ottomans.
Otok means island in Croatian. It is not known whether it was named after the frequent floods of the Sava and Bosut rivers or because it is located like an island surrounded by forests, but it is known that Otok has historically shared the fate of neighboring towns and places. It is only twenty kilometers away from Vinkovci, Vukovar or Zhupanja, so if you are in any of these three Slavonian cities, there is your chance to visit Otok.

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