Zhupanja is a town in eastern Slavonia and belongs to the Vukovar-Srijem County, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The area of Zhupanja has been permanently inhabited by man since prehistoric times. The first settlements were formed in the Neolithic, on elevated ridges along numerous smaller watercourses of the river Sava. In 1536, the Ottomans set up a small military checkpoint with a cable ferry for the transportation of goods and local population on both sides of the river Sava at the place where Zhupanja still today flows into the Sava. After the defeat of the Ottoman army in 1683 near Vienna, in the autumn of 1687, the army moved to Bosnia by cable ferry from Zhupanja before the onslaught of the Austrian imperial army.
In 1880, English industrialists came to Zhupanja to start the construction of a factory of oak tannin extract, which was used for tanning leather. In their free time, the English played an unusual game - they ran in all directions for a small, round tight skin (ball). That is how football was born in Croatia in 1880.

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