Vinkovci is a town in Slavonia, in Vukovar-Srijem County in eastern Croatia. It is the largest city in the county. It is surrounded by many large villages, it is a local traffic hub, especially because of its railways. The name Vinkovci probably comes from the Croatian personal name Vinko. In antiquity it was called Cibalae.
The city has significant and high-quality natural resources and developed infrastructure, which shows that it is an economically and strategically important Croatian area. All this has resulted in traditional farming and livestock production and developed forestry, the development of industry and trade, and finally a very rich traditional culture.

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I recommend this city to anyone looking to partake in memorable adventures. My wife and I loved taking the water bus boat tours on the beautiful rivers. The surrounding views were really enchanting.
Vinkovci city has interesting places to visit. I especially loved visiting its museums and learning the history and culture of this town. The guides were very knowledgeable and very cordial. I can't wait to be back.
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This city has some nice spots to take incredible pictures. I really loved taking walks along its superb streets taking pictures of the majestic towers. I always reminisce about this place whenever I see the pictures. It's a terrific city.
My partner and I always visit this city to relax. We especially enjoy its fitness rooms and yoga studios. The instructors are very friendly and professional. We always have a restful trip.
My boyfriend and I still look forward to visiting this city again. We loved the beautiful apartments that we rented that had cozy couches, spacious rooms, and cheerful staff. The views of the city lights especially at night were just dazzling.
I always come to this city to have a good time and it never disappoints. Visiting its lovely beaches where I enjoy swimming, basking, and playing water sports. I really look forward to my trip next week.