Vukovar is a city in eastern Croatia. It contains the largest Croatian river port, located at the confluence of the Vuka and the Danube. Vukovar is the seat of Vukovar-Srijem County. The name Vukovar means 'town on the river Vuka' (Vuko from the river Vuka, and vár from the Hungarian word for 'fortress'). The river was called Ulca in antiquity, probably from the Illyrian language. Its name could be associated with the name of the river Volga. The city lies on important traffic routes. From ancient times, traffic has flowed through the Danube valley through the Vukovar area from northwest to southeast. With the introduction of steamships from the middle of the 19th century, and today with the arrival of tourist ships, Vukovar was connected with Budapest and Vienna upstream and all the way to Romania downstream. In accordance with its position in economic and administrative terms, Vukovar has developed into an educational, cultural and health center.

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When you visit Vukovar, you wont miss fascinating activities that will keep your body fit. I went on a vacation with my friends and participated in hiking trails. I enjoyed my stay in vukovar.
There are classy boats around the lake and my family and I rode on a boat and felt so comfotrable moving around the lake. It was a good holiday to remember.
We toured around the forest parks and experienced nature in a real way. We enjoyed picking wild fruits with my familly and loved taking photos of beautiful scenaries in the park.
I enjoyed forest trail tours with my friends where we went cycling. I felt really nice burning out some fats and keeping fit. Vukovar has great roads for cycling and I loved that.
The environment in Vukovar is so green and pleasant to look at. I loved this place. It's so a dorable.
The people living in Vukovar are so industrous and hospitable. I enjoyed staying in this place during my vacation.
Vukovar has great camping sites for individuals and groups. The environment was so peaceful and enjoyable to stay. I will plan to revisit this place.