Sanctuary, Church and Monastery of St. John of Capistrano


The Franciscans in Ilok are first mentioned in the 14th century when Duke Ugrin built a church. In honor and glory of St. John of Capistrano, after his death, it was extended and restored by King Nikola. John of Capistrano was canonized in 1690, and the cell-chapel in which he was ill and died in 1456 has been preserved in its original condition. Today, pilgrims and the curious visit it and find in it the spiritual strength and faith that radiate from the entire church and monastery.

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Trg Sv. Ivana Kapistrana 3, 32236, Ilok


(6 reviews)
very good!!!
The location radiated religious strength for the pilgrims. It was an honor to experience this and be able to talk about it.
We toured the church and had the chance to see the cell- chapel that was used back in the day and preservatives of famous historic timeline and people.
The site holds great history and wonderful preserved relics, both inside and outside had lovely mural paintings, i loved the history lesson
The design of this church was magnificent. It was near the sea therefore the view was spectacular. I loved how peaceful and quiet thearea was
I visited this church and it had a magnificent surrounding. I enjoyed spending time there and felt rejuvenated.
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