The Medieval Old Town of Ilok


The medieval core of Ilok is a protected cultural and historical complex of the highest category. In this small area, a long journey into the past and a walk through the centuries are possible.

Imagine a massive, high and long fortress, a princely and royal castle, a high bell tower, a church and monastery with a tower, rare Islamic buildings türbe and hammam, lush parks, deeply buried old wine cellars, a lookout with an unforgettable view of the wide Danube and Bachka plain - you can really see and experience all this in the medieval core of Ilok, on a small hill surrounded by the Danube and vineyards.
The old core is an inexhaustible source of material evidence of life in this area, which can be used to monitor the continuity of life from prehistory to the Middle Ages and recent periods. The oldest finds testify to life in the Late Stone Age. There is then valuable material evidence from the Roman period when Ilok was called Cuccium and the rich heritage from the Middle Ages: the remains of the Basilica of St. Peter (from the 13th century) and the medieval court, church and monastery of St. John of Capistrano, which was first built by Duke Ugrin (in the 14th century), a fortress-walls built by Nikola Ilochki (in the 15th century). From the period of Ottoman rule we are left with türbe and a hammam (from the 16th century). The noble family Odescalchi left the castle and below it the old wine cellars (from the 15th to the 17th century), and there is also the manor of Barun Brnjakovich (from the 18th century), the chapel of St. John of Nepomuk (from the 18th century) and beautiful parks (from the 18th - 19th century). In parks, there are several busts and monuments of recent date.

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very good!!!
The historic ruins of the fortress were amazing to see and stroll by. The view was spectacular
The buildings were finely designed, the walk inside the town will really relax your mind, the delicacies also woke up my taste buds
we were amazed by the panoramic views of the town and the amazing sites to visit in the town. It has interesting history with catchy stories about it.
The presence of numerous vineyards across this town holds such magnificence to the location. I toured each and every vineyard present and learnt alot.
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