Kopacki Rit Nature Park


Kopachki Rit is a nature park in eastern Croatia in the municipalities of Bilje and Kneževi Vinogradi. It is located northwest of the confluence of the Drava and the Danube, on the border with Serbia. It includes many backwaters and ponds along the Danube. It is one of the most important, largest and most attractive preserved untouched wetlands in Europe. Part of Kopachki Rit has been designated as a zoological reserve.Kopachki rit Nature Park is widely known for its bird population. It is inhabited by as many as 300 different species of birds, which makes up 80% of the species recorded in the ornithofauna of Croatia.Kopachki rit is the largest spawning ground in this part of the Danube basin. The fish fauna of Kopachki rit consists of more than 50 freshwater species, among which the most common are river carp, pike, catfish, perch…Due to the slightly wavy micro-relief in Kopachki rit, the mosaic of the habitat is pronounced. Depending on the depth and retention time of floodwater, different plant communities alternate.The list of flora for the Nature Park area contains more than 500 plant species according to research.

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very good!!!
I found Kopachki Rit Nature Park a wonderful place for bird watching. I was also refreshed to ride a boat here while enjoying the lush green vegetation.
We loved Kopachki Rit Nature Park that it has many animals that are being cared for. Watching the cute deers was thrilling for us. An awesome place for the whole family.
The atmosphere of Kopachki Rit Nature Park is amazing. The scenic views entrancing especially the sunsets. I had delicious food and was very refreshed to visit the park.
We were tremendously blessed to exercise by walking in Kopachki Rit Nature Park up to the river. It is an outstanding park to visit.
We had amazing cycling experience with friends and family through the international routes that was remarkable.we had the chance of witnessing the beautiful lscenes and landscape.
The tour guides were amazing and we had good encounter with them as we had our tour around the Rit nature park. Good relation and definitly would love to have them again for a tour.