Kopachevo is located on the edge of the beautiful nature park Kopachki rit., Not far from Osijek. According to archeological findings, it can be concluded that the area of ​​Kopachevo was inhabited even before Christ. The first written trace of the village is the Gift of the Hungarian King Andrew II. from 1212 by which he donated to the palatine Poth a part of the settlement with three places for fishing.

Taking this into account, we can conclude that once the whole of Kopačevo, with more than 200 skilled fishermen, lived from fishing. As a memory of those past days, every year at the beginning of September Kopačani organizes Fishermen's Days, when all visitors are served traditional fish specialties and game dishes paired with top local Baranja wines.

Before the war, there was a zoological museum of Kopachki rit in the center of the village, founded by naturalist Josip Majich. Most of the birds that live in Kopachki rit and other animal species were exhibited in the museum. Unfortunately, during the Homeland War, most exhibits were looted or destroyed. Today, the museum houses an ethno-room, a collection of fishing tools and old tools of a peasant household.

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