Esterhazy Castle in Darda


At one time, the Esterhazy Castle in Darda was known as one of the most beautiful in Slavonia and Baranja. An appropriate symbol of the luxury and status of the family after which it was named. Even today, when walking, it is easy to imagine salons connected by doors, with side exits for service. There are still openings for furnaces in the corners, which have been gone for a long time. It is assumed that the construction of the castle took place after the middle of the 18th century, and it was once adorned with the coat of arms of the family with an inscription. The Esterhazy castle acquired its present-day three-winged form in several phases of construction during approximately one hundred and fifty years, from the time after the liberation from the Ottomans (1687). The castle is a single-story building with an area of ​​1,700 square meters. It was built in the classicist style. It has a three-wing U-floor plan, where the rooms are connected to a longitudinal corridor along the courtyard facade. At the main entrance is a central avant-corps with a balcony and a triangular gable. The side wings of the castle are of simple lines, and in the courtyard they continue in the ground-floor outbuildings. The complex of the castle and the park is entered through an Art Nouveau door - the work of an unknown master. The locals of Darda know what kind of cultural monument they have, and every year on Advent they gather in the castle, which in those days turns into a Christmas fair. Also, in the castle park, the Tarda Festival is held, a two-day festival of music, clothes and food that is thematically related to the 16th century - the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent.

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