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Kuca meda honey


OPG Cajko is a family farm with a mark of origin and a long tradition from Zupanja. The primary activity is beekeeping and the production of honey products based on knowledge and success. Long tradition, love and care for bees and carefully selected places for grazing (rich untouched meadows, forests and orchards) are key ingredients for the quality and excellence of honey. The Cajko family owns 4.5 ha of land, most of which (3Ha) refers to facelia and other honey plants, and the rest to walnuts. The land is located in Soljani, 40 km from the headquarters of the family farm which is located in Zupanja. OPG Cajko currently has 150 hives. They offer high quality honey of various types (rapeseed, sunflower, acacia, chestnut, meadow, flower, honey in a bag and royal jelly). You can buy and taste their honey and other products through the webshop, in direct agreement with the family farm and in specialized stores.


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Ul. I. Gundulića 73, 32270 Županja,


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