Veliki zal Beach


Veliki zhali (Dalmatian name for pebbles), as the name suggests, is a pebble beach. It is about twenty kilometers from Dubrovnik on the west side, behind Brsechina, and it is not accessible by public transport, but the easiest way to get there is by car or taxi. There is a restaurant on the beach, and regardless of the road passing above . So there is peace on the beach. It is never too crowded with bathers, because there is no populated place nearby, so you will have privacy and peace.
The sea is shallow, and it is possible to rent a scooter and other boats. In the evening there is a beautiful sunset behind the islands of Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan.

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public beach



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20233, Dubravica


(4 reviews)
I visited the place for a quiet evening on my first day in Dubrovnik. The beach front open air restaurant cum bar is welcoming and very relaxing compared the hectic routines of today's Metro city life. The sound of the ocean waves and the great view of the unpolluted skies with stars defines a wonderful first day of Dubrovnik holiday. There are beautiful pebbles that make the beach even more beautiful. Good, Food, Service, Chilled beer and try the Pizzas.
Boat riding is where this place won my heart. Veliki zhal Beach really had nothing but luxury vibes and intimate moments. I went to this place with my wife and we really enjoyed the peace and quiet and lack of crowd in this beach.Watching the sunset was very heartwarming and totally worth keeping in my memories.I really loved this place.
I can't say enough about this place! The place had pure white stones and the beach was clean and beautiful. I also got to enjoy a magical meal of grilled fish and the price was incredible. I would greatly recommend.
very good!!!
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