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Dubovica beach is located between the tourist attractions of Slano and Trsteno in Dalmatia, below the famous sandy beach Veliki Zhal. The beach is easily accessible by car which you can leave in the parking lot above the beach. The beach is long, wide, semicircular in shape that follows the shoreline and completely covered with white rocky rocks, and the seabed as well. The entrance to the sea is gentle, shallow and suitable for all ages. The beach is very attractive and popular, both among locals and tourists, so do not be surprised if you encounter crowds. There is no natural shade on the beach, but it is possible to rent deck chairs and parasols, but be sure to bring adequate protection. Above the beach there is a restaurant with delicious food and a coffee bar where you can find refreshment. There are no other facilities (except changing cabins and toilets), but we definitely recommend that you stop by the nearby town of Trsteno and explore all the attractions and attractions on offer.

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Breach Dubravica is long, wide, semi-circular in shape that follows the shoreline and completely covered with rocky rocks. The beach is very attractive and popular to both the locals and the tourists.
Sunbathing on this beautiful beach covered by beautiful pebbles that glisten when hit by sun rays was relaxing. It was a good call to get away from the busy city life and relax my mind in this amazing location. I will bring my sister along on the next visit.
We decided to first have a swim on this lovely white rocky beach. The beach is long and follows a shoreline. We later on went to visit Trsteno museum which is has the Game of Thrones sights. Later on we headed back to the beach restaurant and enjoyed the rich cuisine.
very good!!!
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