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The beautiful beach Kosmatovica is located in Slano, close to historic Dubrovnik. Due to its appearance, the beach is very popular among visitors of all ages. It is completely covered with fine gravel and offers a gentle entrance to the sea, which is warm, clear and of superior purity. The beach offers a beautiful view of the Dubrovnik coast. There is no shade on most of the beach, but if you are lucky and the beach is not crowded, you can take shelter under a few tall oaks. There are no additional facilities on the beach, but the proximity of the center will provide everything you need.

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I have visited beaches in this area and only Kosmatovica beach is the only one that has invested heavily in building a shade to shield people from the scorching summer sun. for this reason this is the perfect destination in summer.
The beautiful view of the Dubrovnik coast from this location is breathtaking. I enjoyed taking my wife for strolls around the beach and relaxing under the huge oak trees when we wanted some romantic time. I enjoyed the vacation.
A fine gravel covered beach with a gentle entrance to the warm and clear sea. I guarantee the view of the coast form this beach is just superb, it does get crowded a times but when it is not one can take shelter under the tall oaks on the beachThe city center is close by and one can get access to any additional facilities there.
very good!!!
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