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Arboretum Trsteno is the oldest Renaissance garden of enviable beauty in all of Dalmatia. The exact date of its establishment is not known, but it existed as far back as 1492 when an aqueduct for irrigation was built.

It developed from a park surrounded by a lavish summer house of the old Guchetich-Gozze family. The Gozza family asked the ship's captains to return all kinds of seeds and plants from their voyages, thus beginning the planning and planting of this first Renaissance park in Croatia in 1948. It was declared a natural rarity and in 1962 registered as a protected natural monument.

The famous philosopher and writer Nikola Vitov Guchetich also lived here for some time. The last owner, Vito Guchetich Bosiljevich, collected many old stone sculptures and fragments, some of which he built into an artificially constructed ruin, and others he placed around the villa. Around the house are planted date palms, Japanese banana trees, bougainvillea, evergreen magnolia, many species of cacti and other exotic plants that you can see today.

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very good!!!
A beautiful natural garden with beautiful plants. My favorite moments was exploring the fountains and relaxing in the peaceful environment.
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